Polycarbonate Luggage

polycarbonate luggage

There are various options that you can select for luggage sets. You can buy matching luggage sets that are created with great pattern and style or those made from a certain material like polycarbonate.

The Rockland Luggage Vision Three-Piece Polycarbonate Luggage Set is one of the best selling matching luggage sets on Amazon. Moreover, it is composed of three pieces of bags and it is produced from polycarbonate (a substance utilized for making glasses that are bullet proof). Because of this material, the luggage is durable, lightweight, and very safe for your stored items.

Rockland Polycarbonate Luggage Features

Consequently, the luggage is equipped with a zip pocket, an elastic pocket, and an interior mesh. It is also loaded with a push control button with internal chrome telescoping handles. You can choose from the different designs of Rockland luggage set. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty of three years.

In addition, you can effortlessly maneuver your luggage with its eight multidirectional spinner wheels which is capable of rotating to 360 degrees. You need not to pay expensive surcharges because this luggage set enables you to stay within the airline weight guidelines even if you pack more than enough items.

Rockland Polycarbonate Luggage Set Sizes

20 x 13 x 9 inches – weighs 6 lbs
24 x 15 x 10 inches – weighs 8 lbs
28 x 17 x 12 inches – weighs 10 lbs
Feedbacks of Customers about the Rockland Matching Luggage Set

The interior of the luggage is very useful. You can store several items without difficulty. You can store your business suits and other important items without worrying that they will be damaged because every side of the case is created with a protective cover. For huge items, you can place them on the other side of the luggage. For smaller items, you can put them on the mesh and elastic pockets.

Your valuables and other items are incredibly protected by the firm sides of the cases. A lot of customers have even voiced out their satisfaction as they travel using their colorful and shining luggage set.

Below are some of the feedbacks of our customers:

You can open the suitcase easily and prevent the items in the open area from falling on the ground because the side of the protective zipper is at the same side where the beautiful small metal wing medallion on the exterior part of the case is placed. This can be done by putting the small medallion above when you open the case.

The luggage superbly stands upright because of its stable wheels.

I fell in love with this luggage!

I purchased the regular black with pink pattern called the “Pucci”. The luggage is so beautiful that several people, both men and women, inquired where I purchased it.

A few customers of ours have complained of the strong chemical odor of the luggage when it is still brand new. One way of solving this concern is by spraying an air freshener inside and outside the bag. You can also open it up for a long period of time in order to set the air out prior to your trip.

As a whole, this matching luggage is the most loved by travellers as evidenced by the great number of positive feedbacks it has received. To see more information about the Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate set at the following link: add link to Amazon page.
Do not miss looking at the beautiful designs and colors available!

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