Most Expensive

Most Expensive Luggage

The Most Expensive Luggage: Heys USA Biocase


I scoured the internet and Amazon for the most expensive piece of luggage that I could find.  This Heys USA Biocase is the most expensive that I could find.  I’m sure there are more expensive.  But this one isn’t cheap at $4,000.  Now why is it so freaking expensive.  Let us consider:

1). It comes with a fingerprint biometric lock.  Aint nobody going to steal your goodies;

2). It is basically bulletproof made of polycarbonate;

3).  It is cool looking

4). Comes with a USB Cord and power adapter for recharging the biolock system;

5). It is like a smart phone, but it is luggage;

6). Large diameter wheels for noise reduction and easy gliding;

7). A suitcase for James Bond.

The Pierre Cardin Spinner Four Piece



Just a really beautiful and elegant set of Travel Luggage.  In order of the things people love about this luggage:
1).  The Spinner wheels are perfect;

2). Well Made;

3).  Love the pattern;

4).  Durable and Tough;

5). Tote is the perfect size.

by: Levi Barber