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For people who travel a lot, the Athalon Luggage 21 Inch Hybrid Travelers Bag is excellent to use. It is considered as a practical and great luggage because it has several compartments in which you can pack and segregate your items conveniently. This bag may also be used for other purposes.

Athalon Duffel ATHALON MAKES A GREAT DUFFEL. I'm not going to lie to you and say that Athalon makes the best luggage in the world. Or that you should buy Athalon over brands like Samsonite and Hartmann. However, I will tell you that this Athalon Duffel is one of best on the market for the price. Stands up straight without falling over - fits a ton of stuff and holds up well. The price generally hovers around $130.00 (if in stock)★★★★★+  

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Athalon 3 piece hybrid NOT BAD - No Really. Not a terrible set of luggage for a beginner. So, if you area setting off from home for the first time or you are a lightweight traveler, I would recommend this set to my best friend. It is extremely lightweight at only 60.6 combined shipping pounds. Drawback? Certainly - not polycarbonate - not spinning wheels. The price generally hovers around $330.00 (if in stock)★★★  

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Athalon carry on duffel Let's get back to Athalon's bread and Butter. That would be duffel bags. Better yet - A DUFFEL BAG THAT YOU CAN CARRY ON WITH YOU. Here are the user comments: 1). easily identifiable; 2). fits a lot 3). Great quality 4). Good zipper 5). perfect for 10 year olds The price generally hovers around $140.00 (if in stock)★★★★★+  

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Athalon the glider carry on LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG. A great carry on bag for your children or yourself. It just looks good. This is something that I wouldn't mind lugging around. The price generally hovers around $130.00 (if in stock)★★★★★+  

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Athalon Spinner Carry on Great Carry on for Oxygen users. No Seriously. Check out the user comments. If you carry around oxygen and need something to wheel it in, this may be a good option. The price generally hovers around $119.00 (if in stock)★★★★  

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Athalon Luggage – Sizes and Colors

This Athalon luggage is a small bag that measures 21 inches. It is available in one size only. However, there are various colors and designs you can choose from. You can opt for the Black, Plaid, or Batik design. Moreover, this bag may be cleaned using a washing machine since it is made of 100% polyester.

Furthermore, this Athalon luggage has the following attributes:

  • Highly durable
  • Presence of cross between a piece of luggage and duffel bag
  • The user can easily and effortlessly move the bag with its in line skate wheels
  • The bag can easily stand upright because of its front feet
  • Packing and unpacking is time-saving because these can be done quickly through the bag’s wide zippered opening
  • Lightweight

The Athalon bag is equipped with mesh pouches on its sides. In addition, shoes may be suitably placed inside through the bag’s elastic lid pocket which comes with a zippered mesh pocket. Moreover, the main compartment is loaded with tie down garment straps.

Shipping Weight: 8.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 10 inches; 7.7 pounds

Feedback’s of Customers

athalon luggage

athalon luggage

The Athalon bag is gradually becoming famous among customers. It is suitable for people who do not want to have their luggage checked-in while traveling. It can carry enough items for a 5 day trip without difficulty. Moreover, this traveler’s bag is highly durable and lightweight.

On the exterior part of the bag, a compartment can be found just beneath the handle. A reading material can be placed in this area. So once you are on board, you can get your reading material easily.

For individuals who want to have many compartments in order to store a lot of items especially the small ones, this bag is the perfect fit for them. Inside the bag, there are 4 mesh pockets found specifically at the bottom. At the interior of the lid, extra pockets are in place for your shoes. If you need not to put your shoes in the bag, you can store other items instead.

The following are some of the feedbacks of our customers from the Amazon website. This website is also the most excellent tool in providing the pricing of Athalon luggage.

  • Outside the bag and below the handle, I like the full length zippered pocket in which a book, a magazine or whatsoever can be placed.
  • I can easily place the bag in the overhead compartment since it just perfectly fits.
  • My journey was amazing and safe because of the additional outside locking buckles of the bag.
  • I had no problem when I carried this bag at the airport, on the plane, and in my hotel accommodation.
  • I greatly appreciate the 4 elastic mesh pockets found at the interior bottom area. Furthermore at the interior lid, another mesh pocket and two shoe pockets are placed.
  • The structure of this bag is incredible. It is so solid but it is not heavy as it seems. I really love     the quality of this bag.

Average Amazon Customer Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

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