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LOST MY LUGGAGE IN RUSSIA: My First experience with Luggage was in Russia.  I lost it.  And I lost it.  The mean lady at the airport said in broken English that my luggage is lost.  It was all that I had in life.  And it was lost.  I didn’t know how to respond other than to just cry inside.  I gave her my address and phone number and she said they would call when it came.  It did come.  One month later.  And it was TRASHED.  Literally.  It looked as if someone had taken a Russian Machete and played target practice with it.


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Now I need New Luggage….What should I get?

My First set of luggage was cheap.  I should have been smarter.

This is the order of things that I consider when making a luggage purchase:

1).  Look – So I’m vain – Shoot me?

2). Strength and Durability – Not going to do the Russia Experience again.

3). Portable –  It has got to be lightweight and easy to carry/wheel

4). Price – I’m poor. Most of the time broke.  However, you won’t catch me buying cheap luggage that needs to be replaced after every trip.

5). Brand.  I’m a huge luggage brand shopper.  You may call me a loyal customer.

6). Color.  Give me something that is my own.  Something that can been seen on the luggage terminal.

7). Pockets.  I’m a hoarder and an organizer.  Bad combination.  Give me something that uses all of its space nicely.

8). Weight.  I’m a wuss.  Can’t lug around heavy weights and I don’t like to pay someone to do it for me.

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Travel Luggage Materials

Leather luggage is good, timeless and very popular. Choices of leather include the following. Napa leather is usually colored. Full-grained leather is the most durable because it retains its strength and durability, not having been sanded or buffed. Top-grain leather is less expensive and more stain resistant.

A good alternative to leather and looks expensive as well, is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate luggage bags are lightweight and more affordable than leather. Some nylons are are one the sturdiest coverings.

Best Selling: Samsonite Spinner


Basic and Advanced Features
One of the basic features you should look for in luggage bags is a good warranty. You want baggage with strong wheels that are easily replaced if they become broken. There needs to be a substantial frame which has a lot to do with the control of the telescoping handle.

Advanced features of some of these types of luggage are 380 degree swivel and spinner wheels. Luggage with spinner wheels have four wheels, instead of the usual two. Sometimes spinner wheels do not maneuver well on carpet. If made well, these spinner wheels on luggage are very convenient. These added features are available on leather luggage as well as luggage made with other impervious materials. They are are an excellent choice for the business or international traveler. A great many of the brands now have locks already on the suitcases. All of these added features make a good choice for a business or international traveler.

Voted Most Colorful: Olympia


General Luggage Types

Soft-side bags are more appropriate for either weekend travels or family car vacations where the luggage isn’t exposed to so much wear and tear. A lot of these options are just individual choice.

Luggage should be easily recognized on the luggage carousel. If a unique design or bright color is chosen for your purchase, that will make your luggage easier to spot and another individual will not as likely pick up your luggage, mistaking it for theirs.

Briefcases or laptop cases along with small weekend cases are often recommended for business travelers, who will need to be able to grab their belongings fast to make it to a meeting or convention quickly. A suitcase or briefcase needs to have protection for important documents and separate compartments to keep papers from crinkling.

Carry-on bags, Luggage Sets, Garment bags, duffel bags, and backpacks would be on the list of the many types of luggage type items. There is a tremendous selection.

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Luggage sets usually include 21-inch suitcase, a 25-inch, and 29-inch pullman. Family travel requires these sets typically. Most all bags now have separate compartments that clip closed and separate different types of clothing and shoes. The best ones come with retractable handles and swivel wheels for ease. Toiletry bags often come with a matching set. They are the extremely helpful as they have small compartments, some zippered, to pack up your toiletry items.

Garment bags are typically for clothes needed to be left on hangers. Be sure these bags are put together with screws not rivets, so they can be repaired easily. These bags most often have have wheels are of durable material or leather and fold over for easy transport. Garment bags are purchased separately.

Carry-on bags should be no larger than 22x14x9 utilizing most needed items. Nylon and other soft-sided material is a good choice for carry-ons, as they conform well to overhead bins and are very light-weight.

Duffel bags are for many miscellaneous items. Many people use them just for shoes and handbags. It is suggested to carry an empty duffel in your larger pullman, so to have it for additional items to pack upon your return. They are also quite maneuverable with a handle and wheels. The duffel bag holds more than it appears to.

Lots of folks use backpacks as their one carry-on. Backpacks are not only mobile, but are great to use before you arrive at your hotel or cruiseship for an extra set of clothing. They are also great to use for excursions.

More Buying Tips

Tips for buyers of luggage are as follows. Don’t overbuy your requirements. Make a budget for your planned expense for the purchase. Only buy cases that will surfice for your needs. Check on the maneuverability of the luggage you are considering. Go online and check the reviews of the brand you are looking at. Go online and observe certain brands of luggage bags to check on their durability and what, if any, kinds of tests they went through. When you buy luggage, you want it to last. You want luggage that will make your trip easier, not more difficult.

Often times you can one case that will work for two. This would be in the situation of a laptop case, which has enough protection and places to put your important papers. This can be something very important to your business image. Organization is the way to keep all your work together in such a way that it is efficient for you.

One of the most frequent mistakes people make is taking too much luggage on a trip. Having to pay extra fees for extra luggage and weight should help you to remember to consider all your options. This can be remedied by some planning ahead. Packing by gently rolling your clothes will help you get a lot more in one suitcase.

Remember all luggage is not created equal. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
If your new luggage is built to handle the stress it will be put through, you have made a good investment.

Now, armed with this information, take a look at some of the top-rated and best-selling travel luggage in Amazon, and choose for yourself which is the best for your travel needs:

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